Can I Record My Own Deposition?

A very common question asked by many People “can I record my Deposition” so the answer is Yes. Being a lawyer you can record your Deposition but for this task, you should be familiar with all the types of equipment that you will use. Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe Court Reporters of WestPalm Beach there are also different rules and regulations that you have to follow while doing the project. Use the right pieces of equipment can make your deposition video very easily. The use of the right tools will make you able to capture the adequate footage and the sound of the video.

The important tools that are used during the shoot of a deposition video include the camera, microphone, SD cards, backup system, Tripod, Headphone, extension card, and equipment bags. Having a backup camera is very important for the high-quality footage but there are also different options available regarding the selection of camera, but I will recommend you use a camcorder that you can easily set up to a film.

While capturing the video you must prepare yourself with the pieces of equipment and an omnidirectional microphone that can be placed in the middle of those speaking. You can also attach small boom mice at the top of the camera that is great for the recording of everyone’s voice very clearly.

Keep a secondary back up or SD card that can save your work in case if the primary method fails to perform their job. Most of the cameras contain multiple SD cardholders that can make the whole process very easy to accomplish. While setting up the deposition you have to properly set up all the equipment for correctly framing your shot. You need to make sure that the video and audio are working and the way to stop and start the recording of video. An accurate set up will make you able to produce a professional deposition video. In case of any trouble, you can connect KaplanLeaman& Wolfe Court Reporters of WestPalm Beach for all services.

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5 Tips for Young Lawyers Going to Trial

Each attorney uses their way of preparing for the trial but here are a few tips that can be very helpful for all the attorneys to produce the argument that would be very helpful for presenting a strong case and get the judgments to be in their favor.

The first and most important step is to Plan every aspect of your case by including any minor hiccups and including all important scenarios as much as possible. It will be very helpful for all the attorneys to react accurately during like showing the flow of cases in a well and under controlled manner.

An attorney should make the proper communication between all the members that are connected to the case. Proper communication between all the members of the case will ensure that everyone is playing their role accurately by knowing everything about the current situation. Proper communication is the best way to avoid any misunderstanding that can put a bad impact on the case. Judges are bound to the law and they need to follow it while presiding over the cases and trials. It would be very beneficial to study the behavioral pattern and habits that can make easiness for preparing a case in a way that can easily gain the judge’s attention.

Preparing all the witnesses for the trial questioning can be supportive to achieve enough confidence for giving statements in the court in an accurate way. A lawyer should prepare all the witnesses in a way that they can contribute greatly towards obtaining a favorable decision. It is very essential to stay calm and composed during the most stressful condition but, there are scenarios when a major development could make the attorney break. However, maintain a calm behavior will set a positive in the courtroom. Here at Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe Court Reporters of West Palm Beach, you can obtain trial preparation services internet streaming and many more.

5 Benefits of Having Videography in Your Deposition

Legal Videography can be used in many different ways and the most common being to impeach the witness as the testifies during the trial. Impeaching would be very beneficial especially when the contradictory statements are played back to the jury but they didn’t read back by the council. The process of Videography has been used for the last many years and within the advancement of technology it uses is increasing day by day. Videography can easily reveal the witness’ reactions by showing facial expression; emotions, mannerism and the Physical Pain.

 It can show the body language that can express a lot more things than words. It can capture the witness activities as the real world and shows the jury a real picture of the case. If the case is going to the trial it will record the witnesses during the disposition that would be very helpful for understanding about what exactly is happening.

Videography can clear up the credibility by allowing the attorney an opportunity that can protect the witnesses’ credibility and the video can be simply played back for clearing up any indiscretions. Videography saves a lot of time by showing a review of the case in a very convenient manner and saves from the wastage of money.

It can also show all those witnesses that are not able to participate physically in the courtroom. They can also participate by using virtual method or Videography. It is generally considered as the best way for ensuring that the testimony is preserved and form other circumstances that can arise during the trial. It is one the best way to create easiness by preventing the loss of extra time and effort that already put into the case. Videography is the best way to show the best and real story by capturing and retaining the attention of the jury and the judge as well. If you are looking for the Videography services contact Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe Court Reporters of West Palm Beach during working hours.